Alatheya is a Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game (MMORPG) that attempts to integrate all the best features of other, more established games of the same genre. The melee fighting system plays more like a classic 3-D fighter, the ranged fighting system feels more like a First-Person-Shooter, and the magic/skill system is designed so you won’t end up doing the same action over and over.

Players can spend time crafting items then sell them at their leisure while others may choose to group with friends to kill hoards of monsters. The best feature of Alatheya is that each player has total freedom to do whatever s/he wants!

The goal of Alatheya is to be a game that is rewarding, fun, and logical. The game mechanics are designed to minimize the “grind” play style most MMORPGs require. Players shouldn’t be limited to a single class or even a single race! Since, they are the heart and soul of the game they should also have a limited power to dictate how the game plays. Every player has the power to start wars, bring about peace, become a legend, or a shadowy vagabond: the choice is up to you!