These acrobatic beasts evolved directly from the dominant primates of the dense jungle. Centuries of combat and strife drove them to near extinction when fate bequeathed them the technology of the Gods. Now armed with their wits, dexterity, and the ability to blend in seamlessly with any environment, they seek out new lands to conquer.

Gambol are chimpanzee-like creatures that are covered in very fine, short hair all over their body except their face, neck, hands, and feet. They have large, round ears that afford them better than average hearing and squared jaws and faces. Large, bright, reflective eyes help them see well in low light. Long, thin arms and fingers – with an extra long pointer finger – hang loosely from their strong upper body.

A thin waist and short legs cause them to walk on all fours occasionally. Their skin is a dark, earthy tone that blends seamlessly into their body hair. They wear metallic belts (that are actually found alien technology) that enable their limited cloaking ability. This device has a limited battery, however, and must be recharged periodically.

They are the only race to (albeit unknowingly) utilize powerful alien technology from the ancient interstellar impacts. Of course, none of the other races know this because the device enables the Gambol to rend themselves virtually invisible. All of the large buildings of Gleem are equipped with similar devices that make them harder to see amidst the jungle foliage.

Their architecture is primitive but colorful. Earth-tones highlighted with bright, metallic colors.

Treetop bungalows made with vines, leaves, etc. found in the rainforest in which they thrive. Vine-rope bridges connect trees to one another to make a network of paths high above. Their houses are built around the trunks of the larger trees. Some buildings are supported solely by heavy vines and branches and seem to float in the canopy. Crude ladders and pulley systems enable entry from below.


Height range: 1.05 – 1.20 m

Weight range: 25 – 35 Kg

Lifespan: 50 yrs

Sexes: Female, Male

Home city: Gleem

Language: Basic, Semile


Brawn: x4

Alacrity: x9

Vigor: x2

Might: x3

Zeal: x4

Karma: x8

Max Fill: x7


Cloaking Field Generator

The CFG completely envelops anything it touches with a light-bending forcefield, effectively rendering any object completely invisible. Device upgrades and an increase in energy reserves enable it to cover objects as large as houses; but, most Gambol tend to wear a compact version on their belts.

Unique Abilities

Facade: Gambol are adept at sneaking around using their cloaking devices. 100% invisibility (when stationary); 75% invisibility, 33% movement speed (when moving). Cannot be used in water.

Clandestine: +100% chance of success on all Karma-based actions (stealing, sneaking, etc.) when using Facade.

Ambidextrous: no penalty for using off-hand items.