A secretive race that prefers to live in colder areas. They make their homes deep in the highest of mountains. They are extremely social within their own kind and live in extended families – sometimes using each other for added warmth.  Some say they have great family wealth hidden deep within their mountain homes.

The Leedgen are gargoyle-like creatures with very light-colored skin. They have no wings; but, can tighten their skin to the point that it feels like solid rock – offering them outstanding protection at the cost of mobility. Very large hands and feet let them trudge through the snow easily. Small, beady eyes are usually a bright hue of red or orange. They are stout with great strength of body and focus of mind. Their large torso provides room for the muscle required to lift heavy rocks on a daily basis.  When they change to “stone” form they appear to be covered in dark, rocky scales.

Crude and loosely detailed.

They use existing caves and expand them deeper into mountains. Crude tools and bare hands are used to excavate their homes. A giant hall is usually at the center of their mountain-cities. There is one grand entrance; but, smaller secret entrances are rumored to exist. A long, wide stair leads from ground level to the main entrance, which is frequently blocked by giant boulders that only the strongest of visitors can move.


Height range: 1.25 – 1.50 m

Weight range: 85 – 110 Kg

Lifespan: 120 yrs

Sexes: Female, Male

Home city: Melendir

Language: Basic, Partik


Brawn: x9

Alacrity: x2

Vigor: x4

Might: x2

Zeal: x8

Karma: x5

Max Fill: x10


Subdermal Invigorator

Allows for greatly enhanced physical strength and protection. They are able to increase the rigidity of their skin to deflect deadly blows or quickly grow muscle mass to amplify their physical strength. At maximum power, some Leedgen are even able to utilize both abilities at once with minimal penalties.

Unique Abilities

Triturate: Great force behind every swing. 15% chance to deal additional Pulverize damage equal to 1/2 total damage for every melee attack

Amalgamate: Greatly increase their defenses by tightening their skin to the point that it becomes stiff and hard. +200% armor, -50% movement speed, -15% attack speed

Incombustible: 50% damage from Elemental attacks while using Amalgamate.