They chose to live underground to gain privacy and promote solitude. Most live a monastic life of meditation and karate-like training. They live quiet, secluded lives and value honor above all else. Mur`Ik prefer to depend on their own skills instead of fabricated items.

Mur`Ik are hedgehog-like creatures with superior night vision and lightning-quick reflexes. Long, thick tails help them keep balance when standing on their hind legs.  They are very strong and toned; any muscles, however, are shadowed by their thick, spiked hide. Their eyes are very bright and reflective.

Gothic. Many designs have areas that glow or smoke.

Complicated, underground tunnel networks. Countless tiny rooms connected by long, twisted halls. Ground-level entrances are concealed by conspicuous mounds of earth and are guarded diligently.


Height range: 1.15 – 1.30 m

Weight range: 65 – 90 Kg

Lifespan: 40 yrs

Sexes: Female, Male

Home city: Te’Ek’Lik

Language: Basic, Tee’Red


Brawn: x6

Alacrity: x6

Vigor: x3

Might: x2

Zeal: x9

Karma: x4

Max Fill: x6


Metabolic Accelerator

By constantly supplying their adrenal glands with energetic particles, Mur’Ik are able to move, stretch, and sense the world well beyond physical limitations. This allows them to increase their escape speeds by rolling into a ball and effectively see targets through fog, darkness, and even eventually through solid barriers. They are then able to use their already incredible reflexes to become deadly combatants.

Unique Abilities

Contract: Mur`Ik can roll into a ball to increase their defenses. +100% armor; cannot use physical attacks; enemies take damage from spikes (which may be coated with poison, etc.) if they make physical contact

Freedom: +25% attack speed when unarmed; +30% movement speed when not wearing armor; +35% evasion when not wearing armor

Secretion: Their protective spikes can ooze various liquids that may boost defense, poison enemies, etc. depending on what was last imbibed. Must first be using Contract.