Presumably evolved from grasshoppers, these stoic beings are feared and respected by plant and animal alike. Living most of their lives in the low brush of the grasslands, they periodically trek to foreign lands. They use their quick reflexes and toughened bodies to overpower foes before they can retaliate. Instead of armor, they tend to their natural carapace which becomes more reflective and hard over time.

A mantis-like race of insectoids that fight like Samurai warriors. They have four arms: the bottom two have six-fingered hands while the top are customizable but usually broad, flat, and sharp like machetes. Four slender legs help them stay balanced in any position. A 90-degree bend at the center of their body brings the front half of their body vertical (much like a Centaur). They have no bones; instead, an extremely hard exoskeleton protects their delicate innards. Their heads mimic several insects such as ants, mantis, and even some arachnids. Their upper forearms can be removed and replaced with other types more suited to crushing, stabbing, etc.

Carapace can change color in specific situations; battle stances designate certain attacks; no artwork otherwise.

Woven grass nests; some are multilevel but most are single-occupant dwellings.


Height range: 2.1 – 2.4 m

Weight range: 40 – 60 Kg

Lifespan: 60 yrs

Sexes: Unisex

Home city: Grenda

Language: Basic, Bacil


Brawn: x5

Alacrity: x8

Vigor: x2

Might: x8

Zeal: x2

Karma: x5

Max Fill: x8



Two of their arms can be destroyed and re-grown into any weapon or tool they need in any situation. The power of their technology also grants the Nincaida quick life and resource regeneration. Even during combat, they are able to adapt and heal themselves more quickly than their opponents can react.

Unique Abilities

Reversal: 20% chance to counter-attack, after a successful Parry/Deflection, for a critical hit

Initiative: 200% damage with first attack if enemy is unaware or immobilized

Customized: Armor is smoothed as it takes damage, providing an ever-increasing chance to Deflect incoming physical attacks over time; interchangeable forearms take the place of held weapons