When they transfigure, they cross their forearms in front of their chest and bow their heads: the mysterious shiny liquid then covers their entire body and changes their physical form.  Although temporary, and a heavy strain on their concentration, this Skill is incredibly useful.  While shifted, they keep all their normal Stats but can blend into enemy crowds and can use the Racial Skills the creature they shift into.  They can shift back and forth an unlimited number of times until they are completely Exhausted

A humanoid race of shape shifters that closely resemble our own ancient Aztecs.  They form close bonds with animals – most notably their “inner beast” of which they craft masks to wear with pride.  Their necks and forearms look like liquid mercury and shine brightly in the sun.  They tend to have incredibly wild body hair and deep, black eyes (even the white part of the eye is black).

Natural, raw designs depicting animals.

Stone and mud structures much like the ancient Aztecs.  Fairly large adobe houses with no door or window coverings.  Elaborate decorations covered in precious metals and gems.


Height range: 1.65 – 1.85 m

Weight range: 70 – 100 Kg

Lifespan: 85 yrs

Sexes: Female, Male

Home city: Ridjiir

Language: Basic, Fali


Brawn: x4

Alacrity: x5

Vigor: x6

Might: x3

Zeal: x3

Karma: x9

Max Fill: x10


Empathy Field

Through intense concentration, they are able to link their bio-rhythms with any living creature of which they have complete knowledge. Once this synchronization is made, the Ridjii may call upon it to re-manifest themselves as the chosen entity. Those that have practiced this transformative process long enough have even discovered ways to communicate and command all forms of life.

Unique Abilities

Transfigure: can take on the appearance and abilities of a creature that has been thoroughly studied; Exhaustion increases by 200% while Transfigured

Purist: +50% Concentration when using Elemental Magic

Defiance: 15% chance to negate all Effects and Damage when targeted by a Technology-based attack