They are direct descendents of the most ancient creatures of the land. Their wings are primarily used for heightened jumping and sprinting; but, some are known to be able to fly short distances. They are on a constant search for ancient Runes to add to their collections. It is said that with the right training and Runes a Sorani will gain the ability to fly.

Sorani are Pterodactyl-like humanoids. They have long, slender heads and razor-sharp beaks. Large chest, biceps, and thighs aid in flying and jumping. Males have pointed skulls while females are more rounded. A cat-like eye sits on each side of the head; but, peer forward providing excellent long-distance vision. Top of the head has unique flares of color and pattern. Long ostrich-like legs end in wide, flat feet that have three sharp toes like an alligator. Their wings are translucent and lighter in color than their bodies and can be retracted into their upper arms as needed.

Tribal and hieroglyphic with earth-tones to blend in with the natural rock they nest on.

Cliff dwellings much like our own ancient Anasazi Indians. A long road is etched into the cliff and individual nests are separated by rock walls. Some buildings are cut deeper into the cliff to provide more room. In some cases, multiple layers are dug into the rock to form several long “city” lines. Small nests are made by nearby flora.


Height range: 1.8 – 2.1 m

Weight range: 20 – 35 Kg

Lifespan: 225 yrs

Sexes: Female, Male

Home city: Klaruu

Language: Basic, Quaave


Brawn: x3

Alacrity: x3

Vigor: x9

Might: x6

Zeal: x6

Karma: x3

Max Fill: x5


Levitation Array

Building upon their natural ability to glide, fall, and jump higher than other sentient races, the Sorani empower themselves further with various anti-gravity supplements. This, along with their innately enhanced hearing and vision allow them to accurately target prey from improbable distances and easily swoop in for the kill.

Unique Abilities

Swift: by extending their wings, Sorani use the wind to move faster. +100% movement speed; unable to evade or block incoming attacks

Capriole: Sorani are very light on their feet. +200% jump distance and height; no falling damage

Gaze: Superior eyesight enables greater range on attacks. +20% max range on ranged attacks; +20% accuracy on ranged attacks; -25% concentration on ranged attacks