They took refuge in the forest early on. Over time, they became excellent scouts and hunters; and, even mastered a technique to “talk” to animals. A permanent youthful appearance is fueled by magic and makes them a welcome sight by most.  The way they feel about “outsiders,” however, is much more harsh.

Sylph sport lean, slender builds with long, pointed ears that reach to the top of their heads. Their ears are set noticeably higher than a normal human’s. They have straight, long hair and dark eyes. A long face extends to a pointed chin and a long, thin neck. Wide eyes, small noses and mouths and no body hair (not even eyebrows) give them a very distinct appearance.

Organic, floral; designed to enhance camouflage, but, exceedingly detailed and beautiful.

Houses that are built around and in giant trees. Most resemble giant redwoods and can be over 10 m in diameter. The houses are designed to blend in with the rest of the forest and are famously hard to spot with an untrained eye.


Height range: 1.75 – 2.15 m

Weight range: 65 – 90 Kg

Lifespan: 150 yrs

Sexes: Female, Male

Home city: Sylraiti

Language: Basic, Shayd


Brawn: x3

Alacrity: x7

Vigor: x5

Might: x4

Zeal: x5

Karma: x6

Max Fill: x3


Elemental Projector

The Sylph are incredibly attuned to all natural energies; and, their projector device enhances that attunement to levels beyond belief. Young Sylph warriors can easily call upon single elements to aid them in battle while veteran mages have been known to become avatars of nature itself. Their control extends from healing and regrowing to summoning earth-shattering tornadoes and hurricanes.

Unique Abilities

Shroud: Sylph have learned to adapt quickly to any environment. +50% evasion; -50% movement speed; normally aggressive creatures will not aggro

Designate: Sylph warriors are trained to be deadly accurate. +50% accuracy on all area-specific attacks; must already be using Shroud

Empathy: +50% chance to Tame a wild creature; must already be using Shroud