Veneficus are the most ancient and secretive of all the known races. They are believed to be nomadic loners as they have no official “home” and are rarely seen in groups. They are masters of magic defiance and possess powerful psychic and telekinetic powers. Some say they are direct descendents of the aliens that seeded the land with technology

Veneficus are snakes with the abilities of boas and cobras as well as the tail enhancement of a scorpion. They have three eyes on the front of their head that never blink or move. Large black pupils and colored eyeballs always match the color of their forked tongue. Special symbols are displayed above their center eye and are thought to designate their current defensive capabilities. Their scorpion-like tail is their primary means of physical defense and can be customized with different tips.

They can customize the poison they secret from their fangs to induce Status Effects on an enemy as well. They move like sidewinders and always keep their head up.  They shed their skin to change armor type and to gain stronger armor over time.


Height range: 1.0 – 1.5 m

Length range: 3.0 – 4.5m

Weight range: 90 – 180 Kg

Lifespan: Unknown

Sexes: Unisex

Home city: Unknown

Language: Basic, Selen Prime


Brawn: x2

Alacrity: x8

Vigor: x5

Might: x7

Zeal: x6

Karma: x2

Max Fill: x6


Psionic Resonsance

The crystal set in their forehead denotes the type of psionic power currently in use by each Veneficus. These range from basic telekinesis to mind-controlling (or destroying) telepathic prowess. Crystal shape, size, and color match the type of psionics in use; and, legend tells of ancient Veneficus that wield multi-faceted, multi-colored, crowns of runes across their visage.

Unique Abilities

Shed: Their skin is a natural armor that can be shed at will (to customize defense) and over time (akin to ‘leveling up’)

Coil: +25% defense, +50% attack speed; immunity to Mind magic; immobile

Strike: 75% chance the attack will induce a set Status Effect (depending on the venom injected); +100% chance Strike will hit if previously using Coil; this disables any Coil effect