It is a time of relative peace in the Canis Major system. The only known sentient species has developed inter-planetary travel techniques that enable them to trek across the solar system in relatively short periods of time. The advent of Ion-engine technology is the basis of this new technology. Unfortunately, the engines consume a high amount of Xenon gas – a rare element in the system. Because of this, the search for more fuel is constant.

The massive planet Mesonu slowly orbits a red-giant star. One of its many moons, Selen, quietly tags along. Mesonu is a gas giant devoid of life but rich in natural resources: most notably, Xenon. A reconnaissance vessel quickly passes by. The ship is unmanned but its sensors detect high concentrations of Xenon high in Mesonu’s atmosphere. The vessel quickly u-turns and returns to Mesonu to take a more detailed reading.

Soon after, a large fleet of mining ships warp in near the scanner. They quickly begin dropping siphoning droids into Mesonu’s orbit and begin extracting Xenon gas. As the ships are harvesting, Selen appears over the horizon – silently trailing several rogue comets. Proximity alarms blare as the moon drifts by. The miners are unaware of the danger when two giant balls of ice and rock crash through space and tear their ships apart like paper.

Selen disappears over the opposite horizon as the debris field of metal, ice, and rock floats where the mighty ships once were. As Selen comes around for its next orbit it crashes through the debris field, seeding the little moon with trash from space.

Shards of advanced technology litter the landscape while organic life from deep within the comets seep into the ground. Over time, both are lost to the moon itself; however, life begins to grow and new species rapidly evolve to fill each nice on the newly-born moon. Promises of technological might are hidden deep within the land while the power of the elements invigorates all living things. Some of the space goers DNA is rumored to have survived the impacts and may contribute to the advancement of one of the new races of Selen. Evolution takes over and eight unique races come to dominate the land.

Will they continue to develop and find lost alien technology and unleash the power of the comets? Only time will tell…