Team Augreal

All of you helped me come one step closer to making my dream a reality and I sincerely thank you for your incredibly hard work, dedication, and contributions to our goal of creating an incredibly enertaining and revolutionary game.

– W0lfb4ne, Executive Producer, Team Augreal

Alatheya is a project of passion that has been brewing in the back of my mind since 2007. Since then, dozens of amazing volunteers have given countless hours of their time to add more and more pieces to the ever-revealing puzzle of game design and development. The list below represents all of those amazing people who have given what they could since day one.


  • W0lfb4ne, Executive Producer (Ideas, Collaboration, Structure)
  • Obstructive, Associate Producer (Maintenance, Recruiting)


  • Xanatus, Lead Developer (Server)
  • Abydos, Lead Developer (Client)
  • Sanctux, Senior Developer


  • Baxter, 3D Animator (Creatures)
  • CamperKid, 3D Animator (Buildings, Maps)
  • DaSoccerGuy, 3D Animator (Structures)
  • Erk, 3D Animator (Creatures)
  • Grimthor, 3D Animator (Structures, Items)
  • Mattyp458, 3D Animator (Characters)
  • Makhor, 3D Animator (Characters)
  • SwiftSteel, 3D Renderer (Creatures, Characters)
  • Vlad, 3D Renderer (Items)
  • Warwager, 3D Renderer (Structures, Items)
  • Kisheek, 3D Artist (Maps)
  • Jack_In_The_Dark, 3D Renderer
  • Jhon, 3D Animator
  • Scottyf3r, 3D Renderer


  • BetoCampos, Lead Artist (Characters)
  • MagusKrool, Lead Artist (Characters)
  • Taiphen, Lead Artist (Characters)
  • FireSpirit, Lead Artist (Creatures)
  • KishoTheSage, Artist (Icons)
  • Ph4nt0m, Concept Artist (Characters)
  • Phobos, Concept Artist (Creatures)
  • WookieInMaShoo, Concept Artist (Creatures)
  • Luke, Artist (Interfaces, UI)


  • AWintory, Lead Musician (Music)
  • Remo, Lead Artist (Sound Effects)


  • Bowen13, Creative Lead (Story)
  • AndrogynousCat, Editor (Linguistics)
  • Q_Tyudev, Writer
  • Widigo, Writer